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Speaking of the Presidential election campaign… September 14, 2018

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Good point by Pat Leahy in the IT when he notes that Sean Gallagher had no particular problem gaining the four council nominations. And he continues by suggesting that this ‘gave an inkling that the presidential election might turn out to be something other than a coronation for Michael D. Higgins’.

I’ve long felt that whatever Higgins very real merits he gave an huge hostage to fortune initially when promising to serve one term. Not that that invalidates a change of mind, but it feels in retrospect more ‘political’ than was necessary and in so doing opens the door for others to challenge him on terrain which had he simply not made that promise might have afforded him an uncontested election. Though in truth, given the line up of folk attempting to take on the campaign one would have to be dubious that an uncontested election was ever an option.

I’m coming rapidly to the conclusion that the best we might hope for out of this would be a reasonably small field of relatively serious candidates, one or two Independents, SF and the incumbent. The alternative where more of the current aspirants make it to the ballot paper doesn’t strike me as providing an educative campaign proper.

Leahy at this point seems to agree…

That situation will not arise but neither will the free-for-all debates of seven years ago. Besides, Gallagher is wiser now and more experienced, and will be well prepared for such traps, as will the other candidates, which are likely to be Freeman, Duffy, and Sinn Féin’s Liadh Ní Riada. There is an outside chance a sixth candidate might sneak in through the council route or by securing the backing of 20 Independents in the Oireachtas.

A thought. We’ve got a heap of left party and left independent TDs in the Dáil as well as left Senators, and yet we have no left of Labour candidate for the Presidency. Is it that people are backing Higgins, or what? Next time out I simply can’t see the same numbers in the Oireachtas. An opportunity missed?


1. Barnes - September 14, 2018

Fear an phoist for president


2. Ian - September 16, 2018

Bit unfair to suggest that MDH is not left


WorldbyStorm - September 16, 2018

Well, there is that, he is left, but I’m thinking of a left candidate from the broader left of labour pool – I would amend the above to ask is it that people from that left constituency have de facto thrown in their lot behind MDH?


WorldbyStorm - September 16, 2018

I’ve amended the text too to say ‘left’ of Labour…

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