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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Laurie Spiegel September 22, 2018

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For anyone interested in the roots of electronica Spiegel, musician, video artist and computer programmer, is key. Her work in the 1970s at Bell Labs and after still sounds incredibly fresh – produced using computers and synthesisers. I’ve only one album by her, The Expanding Universe, a 1980 compendium of her 1970s output, but it’s a good one. Light on percussion (though Clockworks points the way to later approaches), heavy on a focus on the sounds and melodies generated by electronic means, experimental. If you like IDM, techno, dark wave, synth pop whatever, some of the roots are all in here.

And there’s this:

Spiegel’s realization of Johannes Kepler’s “Harmonices Mundi” was chosen for the opening track on the “Sounds of Earth” section of the golden record placed on board the Voyager spacecraft in 1977.[4] Her piece called “Sediment” was used in the cornucopia scene of the 2012 movie The Hunger Games.[5]

One of the pioneers.


Old Wave

Appalachian Grove III=

East River Dawn

Wandering in Our Times



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