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Irish Workers – Ten years a debt Slave September 26, 2018

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September ten years ago the Irish state agreed to bail out the Irish and European banking system:

In 2008 the Irish Government bailed out the Irish banking system and took responsibility for 42% of European banking debt at the behest of the EU.

The decade that has followed has seen a massive assault on Irish workers pay, terms and conditions, horrific cuts to social welfare, health care provision and educational services. It has been estimated that the Irish state has paid between 7 and 9 billion Euro per year servicing this corporate debt. This is money taken out of the pockets of Irish workers and put in the hands of bondholders and international financiers.
This meeting will be a discussion of the debt, the consequences to our people, why and how we should oppose it.


Speakers: Eoghan O’Neill, Socialist Voice

Dr Conor McCabe: Author “Sins of the Father”

Venue: Connolly Books, James Connolly House, 43 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2:

Date: Saturday 29th September

Time: 3-00pm.

Sponsored by: Socialist Voice


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