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John McDonnell September 28, 2018

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Interview here in the New Statesman – thanks to BH for find it, McDonnell seems to be someone who given the chance will make a real impact.

In the words of Richard Barbrook, an adviser to the Labour leadership and a friend of the shadow chancellor from the GLC days, McDonnell “is very smart. He’s read lots of books. And he knows what’s happening outside the bubble. Above all, he’s committed to democracy – to state and civil society transformation. He came out of a statist tradition, which he has come to see as elitist. He’s now interested in co-operatives, mutuals, in creating the conditions for people to run their own lives.”


1. Polly. - September 28, 2018

Hrmm I await to see. What I am wary of is his long long years fighting only internally in the Labour Party, not being a Minister in the Blair or Brown Cabinet, i.e. not having to engage with people who just plumb don’t agree with him. This may prove to be unfair but in his radio interviews I hear in his voice the tones of a headmaster, or head nun – the authoritarian who has stopped listening to other points of view.


WorldbyStorm - September 28, 2018

That’s a real danger. Can’t disagree at all.


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