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Observing Unionism from the south… October 10, 2018

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Pat Leahy in the IT argued the other day that much of the current contentious rhetoric between the DUP and Dublin is a function of fears on the part of the former that the UK government is about to cut a deal and make compromises on the backstop which will not be to their liking. Sounds plausible. But what of this?

Dublin has been observing Ulster unionism more closely and for a lot longer than London has. It understands that deep, deep in the heart of political unionism lies a great fear of something – something worse than the threatened advances of Dublin’s greenery, worse even than the infernal devices of popery: it is the fear of betrayal by London.

I imagine that at this point that is a lot more true than it might have been say forty odd years ago where one has the sense that the Republic – at least at state level – had a fairly shallow understanding of matters north of the border. Indeed it raises an interesting question, just how robust now would people think that oversight, intelligence and other structures are – and I’m not talking about cloak and dagger but more prosaic but no less important lines of communication and assessment – for the south?


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