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Speaking of the Border… October 10, 2018

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As we always seem to be… Does anyone believe this to be the case?

Across Ireland and much of Britain it is barely questioned now that putting so much as a camera on a pole outside Newry would violate an international peace treaty. This view is so widespread it has become redundant to challenge it – if one side to a treaty has convinced itself a certain action is a breach, pursuing that action will wreck the treaty regardless.

Newton Emerson who wrote it clearly does. But I’d have thought that while some may think that the case most would argue there is no settled consensus on the matter but that – as serving and former PSNI officers have argued – placing any installations on the border is a bad idea full stop.

And I think Emerson plays a bit fast and loose in the following:

However, by matching nationalist nonsense with unionist nonsense, May was boxing everyone in by turning their own arguments against them. Or, as she summed it up herself with a perfectly straight face, any new customs frontier inside the UK “would be a breach of the spirit of the Belfast Agreement, and for exactly the same reason that a hard border would be”.

I think that a hard border would be a breach of the spirit of the Belfast Agreement – I’m not so sure that an Irish Sea customs border would be. But one has the feeling that Emerson reaches too readily for some sort of equivalence – ‘a plague on both your houses’ because it is easier to do that than to come right out and say, well actually there is division but one side may well be in the wrong. Indeed in the following we have a masterclass in same:

As the DUP faces the final squeeze towards that exit, it is no wonder Foster has implied she would prefer to alter the agreement instead.
The absurd over-reaction to her remarks, made off-the-cuff in response to a reporter’s question, indicates the extent of nationalist paranoia that the DUP is leading the British government by the nose. However, the intemperance of Foster’s remarks suggests the opposite – that the DUP knows that the limits of its influence are about to be exposed as the withdrawal agreement deadline nears.

Absurd over-reaction? Intemperance? Would he be quite so sanguine in regard to the latter if Gerry Adams had said similar five years ago? And is it an over-reaction when the political leader of Unionism talks about amending the foundational document – agreed on this island – in regard to how Northern Ireland is governed and the relationships with the rest of the island?


1. CL - October 10, 2018

“I’m the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party – the clue’s in the title. I’m a unionist, I believe in the union of the United Kingdom…we do not want Northern Ireland going off in a different direction from the rest of the UK,” Foster said…
“why would we need checks between GB and Northern Ireland, or between Northern Ireland and GB, if we were an integral part of the single market of the United Kingdom…Economically it’s very important for Northern Ireland that our goods can travel within the UK market in the way that they do at the moment,” ..
Accompanying Foster was DUP MEP, Diane Dodds who said at the press conference: “it’s also incredibly important that we realise that while Northern Ireland sells more to Great Britain than it does to the Republic of Ireland, the rest of Europe and the rest of the world put together, actually Northern Ireland buys 75 percent of everything it buys – either for consumers or into the manufacturing process – within the British market.”
“Therefore, the ties between our two economies are so intricately linked, that to put up barriers – either tariff or non-tariff barriers – between those two economies would be economically disastrous for Northern Ireland, meaning it impacts on jobs and families in Northern Ireland,” she added.


2. Lamentreat - October 10, 2018

When did she start talking about the DUP’s “blood red” lines?


3. yourcousin - October 10, 2018

Around 1912 I’d imagine 😉

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4. benmadigan - October 10, 2018

Arlene will be erecting the “peace wall” that encircles Ni as soon as she can get somebody else to pay for it and the DUP gets a hefty %


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