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Two down… how many left to go? But where to go? October 10, 2018

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In a way this has been less considered than perhaps it should be, that two Labour councillors have resigned from that party in the last week?

Labour councillor for Tallaght Mick Duff has resigned from the party, making him the second councillor to resign in a week.
Cllr Martina Genockey, the party’s election candidate for Dublin South West. announced her resignation last week and said the party had lost its direction and its core values

Duff had a most interesting point to make:

Mr Duff said the party is “heading into oblivion like the SDLP in Northern Ireland.”

“We have learned no lessons from our time in Government and seem hellbent on returning to Coalition as soon as we hear the noble call. Difficult as it is in opposition as a small party, we could effectively use that time to reorganise, rejuvenate and rebuild,” he said.
“Regaining trust as a party of social conscience is not easy, but it is a road I hoped the party would travel. Instead, we hear calls for partnering up with the Social Democrats and the Green Party, bringing Labour into a situation like the SDLP, on a road to oblivion,” he wrote.

Tellingly Genocky and Duff were both signatories of the letter seeking debate on the party leadership over the past few months.

Some obvious thoughts: They’re leaving for independent waters – those will be competitive waters at the next Council elections. They’re not joining the SDs – it would be fascinating to know why. Nor do they seem, at the time of writing this, to be interested in any other organised political home. Again, why not?

A further thought. Every councillor who leaves disrupts the LPs ability to get a Senator or two elected in a couple of years time.


1. irishelectionliterature - October 10, 2018

This is very bad news for Labour. These are two Councillors that stuck with Labour through the Austerity years. They both (Martina especially) would have been subject to some pretty woeful abuse on the streets and doors and still stuck with the party until now. The areas they represent would have been traditional Labour but not any more. Indeed it leaves Labour with just one Councillor in Dublin South West and nobody representing the majority of the constituency which is past the M50.
Martina was also their General Election candidate, so a new one will have to be selected.
Martina Genockey is not standing again whilst Mick Duff will remain as an Independent.


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