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Signs of Hope – A continuing series October 11, 2018

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Gewerkschaftler suggested this recently:

I suggest this blog should have a regular (weekly) slot where people can post happenings at the personal or political level that gives them hope that we’re perhaps not going to hell in a handbasket as quickly as we thought. Or as the phlegmatic Germans put it “hope dies last”.

Any contributions this week?


1. Tomboktu - October 11, 2018

A cabinet minister resigning on an ethics issue…


GW - October 12, 2018

Indeed: when was the last time that happened? I can’t recall.


Michael Carley - October 12, 2018

Frank Cluskey, though he resigned on a point of principle rather than ethics?

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2. GW - October 14, 2018

The #unteilbar demo in Berlin on Saturday was a massive success. The organisers expected 40,000 participants, instead close to a quarter of a million (242,000) turned up. We were still waiting to start the march in Alexanderplatz when the head of the demo had reached the Siegessäule 4km+ away.

The theme of the demo was opposition to the splitting of the wage- and benefits-dependent people by racism, anti-migrant hate and artifical scarcity imposed by austerity. Unteilbar means indivisible.

It’s remarkable for a demo that was called by a left coalition of radical lawyers, anti-Fortress-Europe groups and social justice campeigners that such a broad range of people turned out. The weather helped, I guess – a gloriously sunny autumn day.

The demo was truly intersectional with feminist, antifa, queer, green, socialist etc. blocks. As usual the queer block had the best music was the most fun to be with. It was a much needed demonstration that there is a majority who regard AfD’s worldview with disgust and revulsion, and a big boost to our morale.

Who opposed and condemned the demo? The CDU, the AfD and our very own Sarah Wagenknecht. ‘Nuff said.

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GW - October 14, 2018

Camp-eigners? There were plenty of those about 🙂


GW - October 14, 2018

Oh – I forget to mention that the Ryanair strikers, who are being supported by the German trades union ver.di were there on the stage.

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