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The world of work… hiring and firing special… October 12, 2018

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An excellent point made by a former Tory minister, Jim O’Neill(!), in the Guardian last week where he argues Labour in the UK is now best placed to deliver positive outcomes for people in that state.

In the last four decades, hiring and firing workers in the UK has become much easier, to the point where capital investment is now less attractive. In these circumstances, it is not at all surprising that productivity is so weak. Changing the balance to help employees’ working conditions, including their earnings, should be part of addressing this. If businesses cannot see it themselves, then it is sensible for government to give them a push.

It’s always amazed me how glibly the idea that making hiring and firing easier is good for companies is put around. If you’ve ever had the misfortune to work in an area where that is evident – or in a company where staff leave with great frequency over a short period of time, you’ll know how chaotic that generally is, because the deep structures that allow for continuity of experience and knowledge are continually disrupted. And there’s immediate knock on effects – most obviously demoralising those who work in such businesses.

Indeed it’s kind of a yardstick of mine when I hear people, generally in the commentariat, say that companies can’t fire people easily enough to dismiss those making the argument out of hand. Their knowledge of actual business is generally limited.


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