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The rights of Irish citizens in Northern Ireland post-Brexit… October 17, 2018

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A very disturbing RTÉ Brexit Republic podcast this last week by Tony Connelly which engaged with the impact of Brexit on rights enshrined in the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement. Would strongly recommend people listen to it, it’s the second part and the podcast itself is only thirty minutes long. The equivalency of protection is lost in the Withdrawal Agreement, in part due to the loss of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Repeal Bill, and the head of the Children’s Law Centre in Belfast noted that this is a specific diminution of rights contrary to what T May asserted previously would be no diminution of rights of citizens in NI. There’s the loss of access to the ECJ, various conventions including that of the child, etc, etc.

Irish citizens in the North with Irish passports are going to ‘throw up contradictions’ according to Connolly. And as the Children’s Law Centre person noted that this focus on identity due to Brexit is beginning to see a new focus on whether people are Catholic or Protestant, Nationalist or Unionist or Republican and that Brexit is exacerbating differentiation particularly for younger people who have not found

And the point was made that all those in Northern Ireland whatever their identification should enjoy equal rights and that those who identify as Unionist/British shouldn’t lose out either.

But then the logic of Brexit was always, particularly a Tory led one, going to predicate against that, wasn’t it?


1. CL - October 17, 2018

‘Those rights were fully copper-fastened when the UK incorporated the ECHR into Northern Ireland law….
It is important to emphasise at this point that the ECHR flows from the Council of Europe, the 47-member human rights and democracy organisation based in Strasbourg, and not the European Union.
However, there is a political obligation on all EU member states to incorporate the ECHR into national law. When Britain leaves, that obligation will no longer apply….
What has disappointed activists is that the “citizenship” part of the Belfast Agreement is not expressly covered by the Article 1 promise of “no diminution of rights” in the Irish Protocol…
Dublin believes that the GFA “in all its parts” is being safeguarded in the Withdrawal Agreement, and that Article 1 is a solemn promise from the UK that the equality and non-discrimination rights enshrined within the GFA will be protected.’-Tony Connelly


Tomboktu - October 17, 2018

The incorporation of the European Convention of Human Rights is required by the Belfast Agreement, in Strand Three, and (in theory) would remain a duty after Brexit:

The British Government will complete incorporation into Northern Ireland law of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), with direct access to the courts, and remedies for breach of the Convention, including power for the courts to overrule Assembly legislation on grounds of inconsistency.

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2. GW - October 17, 2018

Now that’s another argument against Brexit that’s new to me – very worrying.

Do you have a link to podcast feed WBS?


Aonrud ⚘ - October 17, 2018
3. GW - October 17, 2018

Thanks a million.


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