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Brian Jonestown Massacre at The Academy October 20, 2018

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Always really liked BJM, indeed I recall watching Dig and realising that whatever about Anton Newcombes failings they seemed of a lesser degree than rivals The Dandy Warhols, though give them their due they can write a song.

But musically BJM has always been more or less dead centre in one part of my wheelhouse. The mix of psychedelia, post-punk, dance and subtle electronics is just about spot on. I think for a group that evolved out of something close to shoe gaze it is remarkable to see the journey they/he have/has taken. That said the most recent release Something Else is perhaps a bit too guitar oriented though last years Don’t Get Lost was majestic (particularly the dance inflected numbers). There’s a crossover for me in that 12 string guitarist Rick Maymi has worked with Steve Kilbey – together they produced the fairly great The Wilderness Years by David Neil, a sort of fictional band from the 70s or 80s.

As to the gig, which was at the Academy this week. This was straight up BJM, and again strongly guitar oriented, Newombe saying next to nothing, looping, occasionally wearing, otherwise fascinating, finished by a long long version of A Word which saw the roadies brought on to play guitar as well in a MBV stylee and then leave the stage along with everyone else. No encore, kind of detached. I’ve more to say but perhaps a This Weekend Might be no harm.

An interesting night out. Even if Joel Gion kept reminding me of the Gilmore Girls.

When Jokers Attack

Hold That Thought

A Word (take Six)

Yeah Yeah


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