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So many suggestions… so little substance October 30, 2018

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Is the thought that comes to mind watching Peter Casey’s continuing lap of not victory. That he came a distant second isn’t for a moment to dismiss the idea there’s a constituency for his thinking out there, but let’s keep in mind the size of that constituency. It’s hardly a surprise – I imagine, that one in five of those who voted might harbour reactionary views of one sort or another (and I’m not sure I’m convinced by the argument in this piece that it was some form of push back against austerity – do we draw the same conclusion, given the higher percentages, from those who voted against repeal of the 8th?).

What’s most telling is just how this would be leader, a Taoiseach no less in his own estimation, is buoyed up by his own rhetoric. Say what one will about Sean Gallagher but there was none of this stuff from him on a better rating on a higher turnout about a ‘new’ Fianna Fáil etc. But truth is that there’s no need for a ‘new’ party, not with those reliably right of centre formations FF and FG in the field.

So where does all this go?


1. GW - October 30, 2018

Sigh – the usual pattern.

Some racist chancer appears in an election and the meeja are all over him and provides him with any amount of amplification. At the same time Bannonite capital provides him with internet propoganda facilities.

And afterwards the Lexiteer argument that it racism and xenophobia are just symtoms of the injuries of neoliberal capitalism, and so, it stands to reason that revolts against it in whatever form are to be ‘listened to’, is trundled out Sigh again.

There is a real uneven development issue in RoI here – whenever I visit Ireland it’s clear that while Dublin is relatively booming, the further west and north you go and the more you visit small towns, the clearer it is that no recovery occured there after the last acute outbreak of the great financial crisis of 2007-2010.

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WorldbyStorm - October 30, 2018

Very true re uneven development post crisis and pre but accentuated by same


GW - October 30, 2018

There is no post crisis – the crisis is ongoing – the symptoms are for now a loss of political legitimacy instead of an economic crisis.

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2. oliverbohs - October 30, 2018

There is something a bit boilerplate about that argument that his success, if you want to call it that is a cri de coeur against austerity. It’s a bit patronising and says more about those who parrot the argument and the shallowness of their worldview than, say, the electorate of Donegal (where Casey’s share of the vote was roughly one third of one third of those allowed to vote) or wherever. My two cents on it is that he appealed to the nastier instincts in voters in an election that was not taken very seriously, compared to the last two referenda for instance.
The media in general still would love a far right party who they feel would pull the centre further right, and they could, depending on how virtuous they want to feel, indulge in pearl clutching, or give favourable coverage to, á la Jordan Peterson or the like. Elements in FF and FG wouldn’t mind either


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