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The post-Presidential election publicity machine grinds on… October 30, 2018

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Now RENUA are in on it!

Peter Casey must first become an elected public representative if he wishes to seek the leadership of Renua, the party has said in answer to reports that he could be offered the leadership of the party.


Renua leader, Offaly County Councillor John Leahy, said today that he had no plans to vacate the leadership, though he intends to speak to Mr Casey over the coming days to gauge his interest in joining the party.

“We’re going to make contact with him,” Mr Leahy told The Irish Times. “He’s very close to our line on tax, on law and order, on pro-life [issues]. And we’re recruiting candidates at the moment.

None of this seems to mean anything but I guess it’s giving a lot of folk space in the news media that they otherwise wouldn’t have.


1. EWI - October 30, 2018

True fact – I don’t think I could find Offaly on a map, though I *have* encountered enough BIFFOs over the years to suspect a genetic element at play.


2. CL - October 31, 2018

So a candidate very few even heard of a short while ago receives three times the vote of the Sinn Fein candidate. Peculiar.


3. Alibaba - October 31, 2018

Good to see Cllr John Leahy show his incompetence (stepping in and stepping out) and Renua by association.


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