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What price losing a job? October 30, 2018

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Last month there was a report in the IT on this:

A restaurant has been ordered to pay €2,000 to a former employee who was sacked after a customer posted a negative review on Tripadvisor noting that “the red haired waitress was abrupt”.
The waitress took an unfair dismissal case at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) which upheld her claim after the boss at the unamed restaurant said he accepted the woman’s version of events.

There’s more there, and it’s worth reading the short report…

WRC adjudication officer Máire Mulcahy said the use of the TripAdvisor comment and 20 other alleged complaints “is not far short of mob rule in the workplace” when the waitress was not offered the opportunity to examine the truthfulness of them. The woman was dismissed on October 2nd last.

Ms Mulcahy said the the ‘vox-pop’ type comment posted on TripAdvisor about the red haired waitress being abrupt, which the restaurant used as the reason to dismiss the woman, was “very far removed” from the concept of substantial grounds as required under the Unfair Dismissal Act.


“There was no disciplinary procedure in the workplace. There was no process,” Ms Mulcahy said. “No advance notice, no examination of the alleged complaints, no opportunity to be accompanied at the meeting which resulted in her dismissal, or right of appeal was afforded to the complainant.”

Does €2,000 seem a lot for losing a job?


1. oliverbohs - October 30, 2018

Have heard of some nasty experiences in the “hospitality” “industry” recently. Hope whoever that abrupt waitress was, she made sure she blackened the name of that restaurant, anonymously of course. With hotels, just because they’re 5 star ones does not lessen chances of exploitation


Joe - October 30, 2018

Allegedly abrupt waitress.


2. Tomboktu - October 30, 2018

And I bet it’s a tax-deductible ecpense for the employer


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