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Left Gardener’s Corner – Autumn update October 31, 2018

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An allotment question from polly this morning that raises an interesting question and in passing notes this post hasn’t been around for a while, and it really is time for a seasonal update…

I was politely waiting for the Left Gardeners’ Corner to bloom again, in order to ask this question but got impatient. Does anyone know the allotments at Chapelizod? I am about to put down my name for one but am still dubious about whether they are too close to a busy road, and at the same time not secure from adventurous children or adventurous Phoenix Park deer. Grateful for any local knowledge.

So how’s it going for left gardener’s everywhere?


1. Michael Carley - October 31, 2018

Did some manual labour at the weekend. Still had a huge pile of ripe tomatoes, and a lot of green ones. Now standing to grow over the winter lots of jerusalem artichokes, some leeks, kale, kohl rabi, shallots, chard. Will put some peas and beans in soon to get the head start in spring. Coddled my fig tree in bubble wrap against the frost, which has been coming in hard the last week. Assorted squashes are stored away. Cobnuts from the tree are soaking in vodka.


Joe - October 31, 2018

Feck’s sake. You’ve gone native clearly MC. I’m staying away from the garden now till early April. Like any self-respecting Irishman would.


Michael Carley - October 31, 2018

I’m staying away now except to go out and pick something for my tea.


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