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It’s serious, true, but difficult not to laugh… November 7, 2018

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Reading this… an account of some of the almost absurd expectations of some Democrat Party supporters going into the 2016 election. Frankly there’s an almost deranged aspect to some of what is described, and I have to say I’m not too fond of the following line.

I spent the night of Nov. 8, 2016 there, covering what was supposed to be the coronation of the first female president of the United States.

Coronation? Really? Is that really the term that is appropriate in any of this.

I know people, friends, who campaigned for Clinton, I can get their upset which is entirely genuine, but quite frankly that sliver of Democratic support who went into that election expecting absolute certainty as to outcome was deeply credulous. I know I was increasingly uneasy (and I’m not a Clinton fan) at the polling figures prior to the 2016 election in the last few days. It wasn’t that I was certain Clinton would lose, anything but, I thought it likely she would win, but there were things (that abysmal rally with pop/celebs a few days before hand) and polling figures that seemed soft, that struck me as potential problems. Likely? No. But possible.

And perhaps a little more uncertainty would have been no bad thing at that stage. I remember being gutted at the 1992 UK General Election, I’d been in the BLP for a couple of years prior to that, had just returned to Ireland and to see the outcome was devastating. Ever since I’ve been deeply wary of assuming victory. And actual candidates I know even more so. Tony Gregory was emphatic that there could be no talk of victory prior to the result. I think that’s a good line to take. It ain’t over…


1. Dermot O Connor - November 7, 2018

1992 – god, that one was dreadful. I was just a spectator, and watching from the sidelines was bad enough.

The kind of people who want “a woman president” at all costs are following identitarian logic to its mad conclusion. They’d be happy with Thatcher, as long as she was given a socially liberal gloss. Throw the working class under the bus (but that’s OK if you demonise them as “rednecks” or “chavs”).

These kinds of HRC supporters are socially ‘left’, but economically right. I’ve no time for them (and I confess to a certain glee in 2016 at their collective mental breakdown). Had HRC won, they’d be blindly cheering her wars and her neo-liberal policies on a daily basis.

“Coronation” – tells you just how deep their love of democracy is. Not to mention she’s the wife of an ex-pres, so no problem with nepotism either. It’s not as though there aren’t better qualified women in the USA.


WorldbyStorm - November 7, 2018

The big problem though is not that all that stuff isn’t abysmal but that by the Democrats not selecting a more plausible figure there’s now Republicans blindly cheering Trumps ever belligerent action internationally and his anti-worker approaches in economic and social areas. And the very real possibility of four more years from 2020.


2. Daire O'Criodain - November 7, 2018

Agreed in relation to 2016. As an opposite experience, did anyone greet the exit poll from the 2017 UK election with anything other than some level of delighted surprise, definitely an outcome more to be expected as possibility than probability.


Joe - November 7, 2018

Yep, a joy. Remember some Tory on the BBC when the first exit polls came out – he dismissed them with a “Well that’s not going to happen”. But it did :).


Dermot O Connor - November 7, 2018

2017 was frustrating for me, living in Oregon —-> NOBODY I could talk to about it. Great fun!


3. CL - November 7, 2018

They haven’t gone away you know.

“Tickets for “An Evening With Bill and Hillary Clinton” are going for nearly $2,000 on the secondary market.
The 13-city speaking tour kicks off Nov. 18 in a Las Vegas casino theater and stops at the 3,000-seat Beacon in Manhattan April 11….
seats for the Beacon gig will run you $1,785”


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