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Speaking for others… November 9, 2018

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An excellent point made by David Plotz on the Slate.com Political podcast. Speaking about the murderous attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh (and noting that that was the single worst anti-semitic attack in US history) he expressed the fact that he was infuriated by the fact that the person who greeted the President on his trip there was the ambassador of Israel. And he said, and extremely pointedly that ‘we… American Jews are not subjects of Israel, we’re not people who are fundamentally Israeli who just happen to be living in America, we’re American…’ and Emily Bazelon noted that ‘a lot of us reject the Netenayhu government’. And he pointed to the trope on the right that Jewish Americans are exiles from Israel and they rightly belong to Israel but the reality was that Jews were a diaspora people. And he continued ‘I do not think of myself as an Israeli in any sense even though I am married to an Israeli. That conflation that somehow the person who should speak for me is the ambassador of Israel infuriates me’.

To me the attitude of the Trump administration in these matters smacks of the South African government in regard to racial issues – that there are neat little categories and that a formal respect will be afforded within them but none at all outside of them.


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