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This Weekend I’ll Mostly be Listening to… Sobrenadar November 17, 2018

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For those who like dream pop and shoe gaze can I point to Argentianian musician and singer Sobrenadar aka Paula Garcia and her album Y. Released this very year on the often interesting Sonic Cathedral label it’s a rather beautiful piece of work, exactly 30 minutes long with 9 tracks. They’re short, in some instances I’d think even a little too short (Dromer, a lovely instrumental with a horn accompaniment is barely over a minute long) – it would be interesting to hear them extended outwards, but each packs in a lot. They traverse a musical terrain that shifts from traditional shoe gaze such as Inhabil through to piano and soft electronic percussion-led tracks like Noordzee which could be pop, at least in some sort of skewed alternate universe.

But this is far from ethereal, tracks like Punto de Partida have a solid dream pop base to them that merely adds to the wistful vocals that rise over them. And Garcia has a real knack for unusual arrangements and throwing in faintly discordant key changes and chord progressions that prevent these being pro-forma exercises and makes for a very compelling listen.

Some lovely work here.



Punto de Partida

Del Tiempo

Del Tiempo (Slowdive Remix)


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