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But what is the alternative? November 26, 2018

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Remarkable, isn’t it, how the DUP cannot articulate an actual alternative plan to the May deal. As the indefatigable Brian Walker on Slugger noted this weekend:

The Guardian’s Politics Live recounts May’s stonewalling when asked about all the above difficult questions.

We’ve heard some politically stonewalling closer home. The DUP are refusing to admit that their political deal with Conservatives is dead and are keen to exploit it to exert pressure for a change of tack when it comes to the “meaningful vote” or votes in a few weeks’ time. On Andrew Marr this morning Arlene Foster repeatedly declined to answer what her favoured Plan B was, while insisting Plan A was unacceptable.

That really isn’t good enough – not when there is something tangible already on the table.

Of course one could chalk it up to the default posture of Unionism, both capital and lower case ‘u’ which is to offer a negative. But this may not be quite the time for that (and having Johnson at their Annual Conference in a sense underscored that too since there is a man who is voluble in terms of articulating what he doesn’t want but curiously shy on the detail of what he does want – the thought arises that in his case when popularity is the key to future position then alienating swathes of people with anything like detail is probably not a great approach – though doubling down on the Scotland/NI bridge doesn’t help either).

Walker has done some fantastic digging, not least the DUP 2014 manifesto which reads as if it were from a parallel universe. It certainly underscores the political opportunism of the path taken subsequently by that party. Sadly in that sense perhaps Johnson was the perfect guest for the conference. For all the bombast neither he nor they were entirely of Brexit – their lifelong, two year old, devotion to it effectively freshly minted as they sought to use the referendum for their own ends and pushed by the dynamics of the result to places that in other contexts they might have avoided. Or perhaps that’s being too kind. We often hear in this polity how SF represents the politics of opposition. But in truth in the DUP we have a vastly better example of same. Even when they’re supporting a Tory government they cannot but push back against it.


1. FergusD - November 26, 2018

Apparently, according to Eureferendum.com today the DUP is talking about the EEA as a ‘solution’ to the Irish border issue. It wouldn’t solve it of course, there are border posts between Norway and Sweden, but I suppose it would help make it less problematical. As North points out all these johnny come latelys to the EEA option don’t understand it, see it as a quick fix, which it isn’t, and piss off EEA/EFTA members, who may so NO to the U.K. rejoining EFTA. Still, maybe it shows that the delusions in British power are wearing thin?


WorldbyStorm - November 26, 2018

Yeah I saw that – she’s apparently not ruling it out. Well small steps but if she is sincere that would be very welcome


2. CL - November 26, 2018

Strange bedfellows.The BLP is also opposed to the WA. And is opposed too to a no-deal crashout. But they’re not saying how this will be done, although Starmer is now talking about an extension to Article 50


FergusD - November 27, 2018

Maybe May’s ‘deal’ will succeed because nobody has a realistic alternative? Of course they may not realise that they don’t have an alternative, but it might dawn on them as time runs out. If that happens it would be a stunning indictment of all concerned, from ERG to BLP.


WorldbyStorm - November 27, 2018

I think that might be the way it goes. That ultimately no other option works. Funny how Norway has re-entered the picture but I think it’s too late for that.


CL - November 28, 2018

Unless the Labour party does an about turn in two weeks May’s WA deal will be voted down. What happens then is anybody’s guess. But if nothing is done there will be a crash out next March. Such a prospect might concentrate minds…

” Contingency plans to ensure the supply of medicines and other health services will be triggered before Christmas if Theresa May’s Brexit deal fails to get MP’s backing next month, the head of NHS England has admittted.,,
This will include contracts to take on additional warehouses and refrigerator capacity for drug stockpiles and other biological materials..”

“Britain is running out of food warehousing facilities needed by retailers and manufacturers to stockpile goods before a possible no-deal Brexit – and the shortage may be the result of Amazon booking the space, MPs have been told.”


CL - November 28, 2018

Richard North is confident that in time the ‘Norway’ model or something like it will be adopted.

Trouble is no one but himself understands it, and maybe his son Pete.


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