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Patriarchal vote… November 26, 2018

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I’ve canvassed across the decades and never, thankfully, seen the dynamic described here from the US campaign trail by Rebecca Solnit of men controlling women’s vote. And yet given the deep partisan nature of US politics as well as an unhelpful dollop of patriarchal religious fundamentalism can’t say that it entirely surprises me.

Interestingly the issue of postal votes seems to be another aspect of this where the vote takes place in the home rather than at a polling place. That seems to me to be problematic as well. Of course one wants some flexibility in a system, for those who are simply unable to make it to a polling place. But I think the act of voting in a polling place is important as a means of cementing the significance of the democratic process.

Anyone seen the sort of behaviours described in Ireland?


1. baalthor - November 26, 2018

I’ve heard the same allegations about postal voting in England – but there it’s alleged to benefit the Labour Party.

But this would seem to be a large flaw in widespread postal voting, I am sure it would have been abused the same way in the area I grew up in, given the kind of stuff that went on around elections.

Also it might not always be the man of the house telling the rest of family how to vote !

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2. CL - November 26, 2018

Difficult to day how this anecdotal piece by Solnit is reflective of the general situation.

“The gender divide is increasing.”This is the first time since 1984 that Democrats have won control of the House without winning men,…
Exit polls suggest the final vote will largely mirror that result, with 59% of women saying they supported the Democrat compared to 47% of men.”

“women of color overwhelmingly support Democrats, but white women are not reliable Democratic partisans. White women often support Republican candidates.”

“Trump has succeeded in nearly purging Republican women from the House of Representatives.
If this was supposed to be the year of the woman, it has been the year only of Democratic women.”

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3. Ian - November 26, 2018

I have canvassed for about 13/14 years. I have had once or twice women telling me that they had to wait for their husband to tell them how to vote


WorldbyStorm - November 26, 2018

I’d imagine it’s fairly rare here, wouldn’t you?


Joe - November 27, 2018

Fairly rare for a woman to say that to a canvasser or fairly rare for a woman to be intimidated by her partner into voting a certain way?
The issue of male partners psychologically controlling their female partners is real and is being highlighted this very week. And most likely such control would extend to voting if the male partner is interested in voting at all.


WorldbyStorm - November 27, 2018

I hope both but you’re absolutely right one will likely lead to the other


4. Tomboktu - November 27, 2018

It’s one of the reasons for the secret vote.

So called ‘family voting’ is one of the practices that OSCE-ODIHR election observers look for in polling stations, and the ODIHR standards on women’s participation in elections identifies family voting as an impedement to gender equality in elections.

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