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A question… November 27, 2018

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Does anyone know the source for the stat in the following:

Mr Tóibín previously said that he and other anti-abortion TDs were seeking to speak for “the 34 per cent who voted against the referendum and the 20 per cent of Yes voters who voted only for the difficult cases and not for abortion on request”.

There is the exit poll from RTÉ where:

Voters were also asked to place themselves on a scale representing their views on the availability of abortion, where 0 meant a total ban on abortion and 10 meant you believed abortion should be available to any woman who wants one.
23% put themselves on 0-3 on the scale, meaning they were very anti-abortion; 25% were in the middle, on points 4-6; and 51% were on the pro-choice end of the scale, on points 7-10.


73% were in favour of making abortion available in cases of rape or incest; 71% in cases of fatal foetal abnormality, 67% between 12 and 24 weeks gestation where there was a risk to the health of the woman; but only 52% were in favour of abortion being available on request up to 12 weeks.
Even No voters were in favour of abortion in cases of rape or incest, by 40 to 38%.

Reading that doesn’t seem to support Tóibín’s argument that only 46% of voters were ‘for’ abortion on request.

And is this a line that is being used by the No side to give comfort and solace to themselves in the wake of the referendum?


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