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No company wants to injure its customers? December 4, 2018

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There’s an old libertarian/right-wing line that no company will compromise safety because they don’t want to injure or kill their customers.

It’s an odd one because the evidence to the contrary – of short term financial gains – whether income, shares, or whatever, outweighing potential or actual injury to customers is very strong. Companies have and continue to do so in a wide range of commercial areas. And it makes sense in a sort of bleakly utilitarian way – if I can maximise my profit today, even at the cost of causing harm to others then chances are that by the time the harm comes to light I will no longer be in the chain of responsibility.
And for an example of same, close to home, look no further than this, a report on how UK food outlets give out incorrect advice on allergens, advice that could potentially (and in the past has) caused injuries up to and including death.

If one is to believe the libertarian/right-wing line this shouldn’t have happened, Costa, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Frankie and Bennies and Nando should have systems in place to forestall even the danger that incorrect advice would be given out. And yet they don’t.

The reasons are obvious – allergen related deaths are infrequent and companies feel they have sufficient resources to deal with the fallout from same.

But in a way their cynicism is matched only the credulity of those who would believe them.


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