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Latest new party news! A very mildly leftish Renua? December 5, 2018

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Whatever else Peadar Tóibín does appear to be serious about setting up this new organisation. He’s addressed four meetings state-wide. Talks openly about a ‘new party’ and so on. And he’s determinedly pushing a soft centrist line… a lot of stuff about small businesses, etc. As well as a complaint about an ‘over-concentration on Dublin’.

But it reminds me of nothing so much as a Renua without all the that not entirely popular right of centre economic policy. And yet Renua, for all its faults had four or five actual sitting TDs. Whereas…

I’m always fascinated by this dynamic. Establishing a party is a very particular sort of challenge, particularly for a TD or TDs. It means juggling constituency work with the basic administration and organisation necessary to give form to rhetoric. There’s basic requirements – I’m told that other new groups in recent times had to filter some more excitable applicants out of those seeking to join. There’s the issue of determining policy, and recognising that once a group has some coherence that may mean policy drifting away from the control of the leading figures. There’s candidate selection – and who knows what the membership might throw up? Then those local councillors who join, or attempt to join.

One TD, himself alone? That’s going to be even more difficult.

It’s not impossible – but I’m not hugely convinced that the ground being traversed here is politically that fruitful. There’s too many others competing on the same territory. And the thought strikes if it wasn’t for Renua either then…


1. AdoPerry - December 5, 2018

Having read the comments on Toibin’s pages, most of his support is pro-life activists or ex-shinners ( or both) but while this is a limited field it is one full of committed people and financial support. The last attempt at building a party was the Social Democrats and the upcoming elections will define how successful that was. They have two TD’s with the possibility of a third but to build the SD’s need councillors elected.
Toibin’s ambition to build a party will also depend on the number of candidates elected in the local elections in May 2019 because in my opinion he and his close followers will avoid substantial policy decisions until they are established across the country.


WorldbyStorm - December 5, 2018

That’s an interesting point re commitment – that definitely makes a difference.


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