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There’s a lot of cyclists out there… December 7, 2018

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I don’t know if anyone would agree, but cycling in to various workplaces from the late 1990s onwards from East Wall I can’t recall ever seeing as many cyclists as there have been this year. I’d say even this last four to six months. It’s now an everyday occurrence for there to be two lines of cyclists stretching back many metres from the lights at the junction at Five Lamps. And there’s no question this has slowed journey times across the city. What was a ten minute journey to work is now closer to fifteen. On one level I think this is a positive. More cyclists means that traffic has to take more time and pay more attention – on the other hand the increasing propensity for cyclists to ignore all traffic signals and lights is leading to some bad-tempered interactions with both car/bus and trucks and pedestrians. But a deeper problem is this. The space allocated to cyclists isn’t increasing – and is really fit only for single lines of cycling traffic. What happens next?


1. GW - December 7, 2018

It’s not only Dublin.

In Berlin you can be amoung a group of 30 cyclists taking up perhaps 20 square meters, next to line a single-occupant cars where 30 people occupy 200 square meters.

The car is enormously wasteful of space, apart from anything else.

What needs to happen next is that far more lanes and entire streets currently dedicated to cars or mixed traffic should be assigned to cyclists, pedestrians and public transport.

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