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Jer O’Leary December 27, 2018

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Very sad news that Jer O’Leary has died. He joins Sean Garland and Alan MacSimoin as staunch leftists who have passed this year. I think I first encountered him during his exhibition of labour movement banners at the Project, all the way back in 1986. Come Here To Me has a fine overview of O’Leary’s life here. As they note:

He was, firmly and completely, a man of the Left. In 1967, a 22 year old Jer O’Leary joined the Republican movement, the beginning of a life-long involvement in republican and socialist politics that shaped everything he did.


1. Jim Monaghan - December 27, 2018

I think I was in Official SF at the same time. He had a sister Margaret, who stayed with OSF? His Larkin thing was very good, though I doubt Larkin had a Dublin accent. Larger than life person

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2. Tomboktu - December 27, 2018

The last photo on CHTM shows him with Tom Stokes, who has also died.


3. EWI - December 27, 2018

A thought occurs, that it’s unfortunate if some of us here might miss the deaths of regulars if we don’t know the connection between the name and the pseudonym.


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