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Resilience forums? January 9, 2019

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This Brexit is great, isn’t it? As noted yesterday the UK continues to hurtle towards the cliff edge undertaking a project that a consensus of observers suggests will even at its best impoverish and weaken that state and its citizens. So what’s the latest?

A 20-mile section of motorway in Hampshire could be closed and turned into a lorry park if there are severe delays at Dover or Calais in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Vince Cable has been told.

Portsmouth is preparing to act as a relief port to Dover if there are serious delays at Calais, but like the cliffside Kent town, it cannot accommodate queuing lorries.

The M3 contingency between Winchester and Basingstoke is one option being considered by a resilience forum in Hampshire involving local councils and emergency services.

The “worst-case scenario” was revealed to Cable, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, as he visited Portsmouth international port on Tuesday to learn of preparations for the UK’s departure from the EU.

Imagine any other modern state having to introduce ‘resilience forums’ to engage with the outcome not of a referendum, because the vote never specified the form of Brexit, but rather a potential and increasingly likely outcome that has emerged since due in part to vacillating leadership hardly worth the name of leadership, political ambition rivalries and shortsightedness.

Though, almost inevitably, to add to the mess…there’s confusion about the ‘plan’ re the M3.

A Highways England spokesman said: “We currently have no plans to use any section of the M3 or other parts of the strategic road network to hold lorries should there be disruption at Portsmouth port, and we would have significant concerns with any suggested plan that proposed it.


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