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What you want to say – 9 January 2019 January 9, 2019

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. GW - January 9, 2019

British Labour seem committed to an immediate no-confidence motion after the May looses the Withdrawal Agreement next week. But that said the history of the process is littered with postponements. Let’s assume for the the BLP is acting in good faith.

So the week following things should be at least clearer in the sense of two options being excluded. Possibly.


CL - January 9, 2019

Some more parliamentary maneuverings today. Seems to be some difficulty in dealing with the reality that what’s available right now is May’s deal or a crashout. Those against the WA are trying to avoid blame for the consequences of a no-deal exit.


2. Paddy Healy - January 9, 2019

Paddy Healy 086-4183732

SIPTU LEADERSHIP RATS ON NURSES-Listen to RTE THIS MORNING SIPTU Representing 4000 Nurses Will not Be Joining Action of INMO NURSES-Backs Government View That Conceding INMO DEMANDS Would Undermine Public Service Pay Agreement Paddy Healy’s Blog https://wp.me/pKzXa-sM
Full RTE Programme (Todaysor) https://www.rte.ie/radio/radioplayer/rteradiowebpage.html

Extracts from Radio Interview 6 mins 10 seconds into link Paul Bell, Head of SIPTU Health Division and Labour Cllr: “ SIPTU is not joining the nurses Action (Though it Represents 4000 nurses (INMO 36,000)-PH) –Public Service PayCommission will deal with the INMO issue in the next Pay Agreement as a stand alone issue (in 2021)-Siptu does not share the opinion that conceding the nurses demand would not undermine the Public Service Pay Agreement”
Miriam O’Callaghan: How will your members feel passing INMO pickets? Bell (Siptu and Labour Councillor);”That will be a challenge”
17 mins in Listen to Dave Hughes , Deputy General Secretary INMO Replying to Cllr Bell, SIPTU
“What the government and SIPTU are calling pay increases under the Public Service Pay agreement are Restorations of money that was previously taken away NOT PAY INCREASES”

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EWI - January 9, 2019

My only surprise here is that the Fórsa lot haven’t joined in too.


3. Paddy Healy - January 9, 2019

EWI! you are too kind ! They are keeping that card for later! Remember The IMPACT letter threatening government if it made concessions to others some years ago! Watch this space!!!


6to5against - January 9, 2019

I believe that when ASTI reps went into talks with the govt last year, they found TUI and INTO reps at the table, there to make sure nothing was conceded that improved on what they had already agreed.
Divide and Rule will always work with those who seek division and like to think of themselves as natural rulers.


4. Paddy Healy - January 9, 2019

Members of ALL Unions Must Rally BEHIND THE NURSES! Give the Government and THe SIPTU LEADERSHIP THEIR ANSWER! Let us Respond to any Call for Support from Striking Nurses!
IRISH EXAMINER https://wp.me/pKzXa-sM
SIPTU Has Said its Members in Nursing will not join their colleagues in strike action over pay Speaking on the same programme, Dave Hughes, Deputy Secretary General of the INMO said Siptu was entitled to its opinion but what his members are seeking is pay restoration following recession-era cuts, not pay increases.
He also said that those who accuse striking nurses of jeopardising patient health are “ignoring the risks that are big run every day in our in our public health service”.


5. GW - January 10, 2019

Plenty of insular Brexit / Lexit unicorns prancing around Britain today, trailing clouds of red and blue fairy dust.

One has ‘Norway++’ tattooed on its flanks.

If the UK signs the withdrawal agreement then it’s possible that it could negotiate some kind of access the the single market. But a) it won’t be as favourable as Norway’s because Norway won’t agree to that and the EU trusts Brexitania much less than Norway. And b) it would mean allowing freedom of movement and non-discrimination against non-UK citizens as Switzerland recently discovered.

This is a member of the ‘we can leave and keep all of the benefits’ genus of magical beast.

A ‘sort-of-Norway–‘ might be possible if the UK signs the withdrawal agreement on offer.

Another is the ‘unilaterally extend Article 50’ unicorn. This assumes that the EU will bend over backwards to screw up the EU parliamentary elections to that the UK has more time to dither. Highly improbable unless the UK offers a path to a change of outcome.

A member of the ‘everything revolves around the former Empire’ genus.


CL - January 10, 2019

‘Jeremy Corbyn on Thursday hinted the Labour party could delay Brexit if it succeeded in forcing a general election…

Mr Corbyn refused to say when he would table a proposed vote of confidence in the government. He said he would do so if its Brexit deal was rejected in parliament on Tuesday but only when the “time was right”. “We don’t have the votes”, he admitted.’


Alibaba - January 10, 2019

Loathe though I am to say this: Theresa May is quite brilliant in dealing with Brexit. It’s her way and nobody else’s way. She’s stringing along opponents in this nightmarish situation in the UK and increasingly a fragile Europe too. No matter that she suffered defeats because she’s managed to position her opponents in a way they have to decide what next — over the cliff? a vote for her deal? a referendum on her deal? extension to withdrawal? a second referendum? a general election? etcetera — and then battle with realities of that decision. Take your pick is her unspoken threat.


GW - January 10, 2019

It seems like the BLP may be getting anti-democratic centralism through delay. I hope I’m wrong but the sequencing motion agreed at the BLP conference means that other options only come into play when the leadership decides to call for a motion of no confidence. The leadership can delay that till the last minute, providing the membership don’t successfully take control of the party in the matter. Which after all was what the Bennite stream in Labour was at least rhetorically about.

However from a Morning Star type Leninist Lexiteer POV that makes absolute sense.

And as Alibaba notes, May does seem to be going all out to ensure that her deal is the only option that isn’t no deal, with the least available time to decide. She probably sees it as her contribution to history.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if at the end, unless party democracy asserts itself, enough Labour MPs convince themselves that their way to their imagined Norway-whatever-your-having-yourself is a last minute support of May’s deal.

From an Irish POV it could be worse – i.e. no deal.


CL - January 11, 2019

‘Parliament is no longer split on Remain/Leave lines but into four distinct Brexit tribes. Each supports a different outcome: a no-deal exit; exit on Theresa May’s terms; exit into the European Economic Area, remaining in the single market and customs union; and no Brexit at all….
Britain’s exit is codified into British law and only a vote of the whole House can undo that…
Scarcely more than one in ten Conservative members support a referendum rerun,…
The People’s Vote campaign has done an impressive job of keeping the idea of a second referendum in contention, but the blunt reality is that it does not have a majority in parliament….
The question that has to be asked then is this: is there any potential deal that is acceptable to the EU and could also command a majority in the Commons? That is the only way to avoid no deal, after all….
The Brexit stand-off could yet end with the surprising, and disastrous, triumph of the ideologues of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s European Research Group.’


6. Paddy Healy - January 11, 2019
7. Paddy Healy - January 11, 2019

Support Petition to Minister Circulated by Parents of Vulnerable Children My.Uplift.ie

VACCINATION MUST BE PROVIDED FREE! Vulnerable Children with Medical Cards including those with Downs Syndrome and Diabetes born before October 2016 must pay almost 300 Euro for two Jabs. Some Children under 3 years must pay!
When Minister Harris Brought in Free Vaccinations in OCTOBER 2016, Children born even one day before that, still under 3 years of ageto-day were not covered
When a parent seeks free vaccination on behalf of a child covered by medical card, but born before October 2016, the HSE replies that it cannot supply the vaccine free as this is not provided for in law. The request for the vaccine, even for a disabled child over 2 years and 3 months, is “elective” not “mandatory”


8. kestrel - January 11, 2019

read some of the comments on clr about the unions,.and that is all very well and good.
but sometimes not enough attention is paid to the associations and organisations of solicitors or doctors or engineers. these too make representations to government about conditions and pay etc.
yet (and today) when I accessed a solicitors office, though the solicitor was not available, the girl queried me as to what the situation was on which on I needed advice, and then even queried further; yet then kindly did let me know that they only do mortgage and conveyancing and not civil cases.
The entire scenario was so odd. It was so v.not appropriate to be asked “what other/the names of, solicitors have you been to”.
I am entirely sure that every word you say when you step into a solicitors office is recorded; but, even worse, is this then accessed by other solicitors?
I said to the young lady that maybe ‘mortgage/conveyancing’ should be put on the plaque, and then, maybe, (or even not) the word ‘solicitor’.
Is this fraudulent on the part of solicitors that they can record and maybe let other solicitors access a case, with no person.


EWI - January 12, 2019

but sometimes not enough attention is paid to the associations and organisations of solicitors or doctors or engineers. these too make representations to government about conditions and pay etc.

Engineers mostly make representations on conditions and pay through the LAPO division of SIPTU. In my experience, the IEI is only ultimately representing corporate interests (frequently intimately intertwined with those of senior public sector engineers, a comment I’ll leave there).


9. Paddy Healy - January 12, 2019

Meningitis B: Parents call on Government to include all children in vaccine
Sign The Petition
Irish Times, Friday, January 11, 2019, Sarah Burns
Thousands of parents have called on the Minister for Health to implement a catch-up vaccination programme for the meningitis B strain.
Parents have been urged by the HSE to check the vaccination records of their children after three people died from meningitis in the past three weeks.


10. Paddy Healy - January 12, 2019

Soloheadbeg KNOCKED in Irish Times by Fintan O’Toole–But the People He is Knocking Were Proved to be correct in their analysis But O’Tooles Prejudices Blinds Him To The Lessons of History

O’Toole sets out evidence that the 3rd Tipperary Brigade did not trust the members of the first Dáil or even IRA GHQ. Fintan’s pro Free State prejudice does not allow him to admit that Robinson, Breen and Treacy were right! Setting aside the measured language which Robinson used to the Bureau of Military History , the colloquial word in Tipp was: “If we don’t do something that crowd talking above in the Dáil will never do anything” They were right of course. More than half of the TDs voted for the partition deal. And as Ernie O’Malley shows in The Singing Flame, the IRA leaders Rory O’Connor and Liam Lynch through inaction, allowed Collins to build a paid army to crush the risen people. They were paralysed by their fear of the red flag creameries, the farm labouers strikee and the land seizures. Come to think of it, the Tipp view in 1921 is also relevant to-day though what is now needed is mass action, not military action. Other wise “That crowd above in the Dáil” will do nothing!!


CL - January 12, 2019


Paddy Healy - January 12, 2019

I hope it is understood that this ballad is about the attempt by 3rd Tipperary and West Waterfords to help Oscar Traynor and the Dublin Anti-Treaty Forces to relieve the Four Courts. When they redezvoued near Naas, they heard that the Four Courts had surrendered, On their way home, as the song states, they crossed the Dublin Mountains before the Wicklow mountains.
https://wp.me/pKzXa-12n My new additional verse of the ballad i at this link


11. Paddy Healy - January 12, 2019


O‘Dwyer, Martin, Seventy-seven of mine said Ireland (Cork, 2006)


12. Paddy Healy - January 13, 2019

We Would Still Be Under The Queen if it Was Left To Fintan O’Toole and Eoghan Harris Who Have Denounced Soloheadbeg Action.
We are proud of the action of the Tipp volunteers at Soloheadbeg
https://wp.me/pKzXa-12n (Full Academic Work by Professor Silke)
“First, the IRA military campaign was particularly focused on the police as the primary target, rather than the British Army, and this focus was arguably the crucial factor in the IRA’s overall success.—This encouraged many officers to resign or retire, and it also seriously deterred local recruits from joining the force.” Professor Silke, Univ of E. London.
Targetting The RIC Was Crucial in Forcing The British To Negotiate


13. Paddy Healy - January 13, 2019

Give meningitis B vaccination FREE to all children, No Medical Apartheid, say Medical Doctors https://wp.me/pKzXa-T8
Waiting rooms are filling with anxious parents seeking vaccine
Dr Maitiu O Tuathail, president of the NAGP,:”This is medical apartheid, where only those who can afford the vaccine are vaccinated, but those who cannot are not. This leads to significant parental stress and anxiety.
“We are calling on the Minister for Health Simon Harris, to immediately address this inexcusable inequality. We cannot allow it to continue. We need to provide protection to all of our children equally”. Priscilla Lynch Sunday Independent


14. CL - January 14, 2019

“President Trump used Twitter Sunday night to spell out his plans for a pull-out in Syria…
Trump also threatened to “devastate Turkey economically” if the country hit the Kurds living in Syria….
it is now time to bring our troops back home. Stop the ENDLESS WARS!”-said Trump.


GW - January 14, 2019

From anyone else the threat of sanctions against Turkey, should, as they will, attack the US’s former Kurdish allies in Syria, is to be welcomed.

But the Donald’s twitter feed is no indication of further action.


CL - January 14, 2019

As we know Trump’s foreign policy is based on his gut instincts, so he may, given the quality of his hamburger at lunch, change his mind again.

Yet, “Even allowing for Trump’s opportunism and inconsistencies, his election victory appeared to deal a double blow to the neoconservative persuasion…
Today, neoconservatives are riding high once more, in the White House, on Capitol Hill, in the most prominent organs of opinion….
Although he is repudiating the export of liberal democracy and degrading its practice at home, Trump is also reasserting the American right’s pugnacious antipathy to “globalism.” He is acting as many within the neocon firmament have long favored, positioning the United States against a vicious world and fetishizing brute force in response….
Whereas most neocons have trained their rhetorical fire on villainous regimes first, and global institutions second, Bolton flipped those priorities, making his career by railing against globalism and the un-American Americans who bow before it. .Trump made a distinctive contribution to anti-globalist neoconservatism: he recast the United States as a global victim….
The anti-globalists are fully capable of projecting American political-military power on a global scale. They tap existing reserves of cultural chauvinism and nationalist animus as they jettison the old rationale of liberal world-ordering”


15. Paddy Healy - January 15, 2019

Shocking Inhumanity to save money as wealth of Super-Rich Rockets. Wealth of top 12 Irish citizens increased by 6 billion in the year 2017 alone!
Cruel Government Refuses to Meet Doctors’ Call for Free life saving Meningitis Vaccine for those who can’t afford to pay 300 Euro including those on medical cards. Minister Harris Says allegations of medical apartheid by Doctors is “just head-line grabbing” Irish Sun Jan 14 “People of all age groups are susceptible to the disease and two different strain types were noted in the three casualties.A vaccine for Meningitis B is currently available free to babies born after October 2016. (but not before even to those on medical cards)
Parents of kids born before then have to pay up to €300 to have their child vaccinated against the B strain.Thousands (33,000)have signed an online petition calling on Health Minister Simon Harris to implement a catch-up programme for all kids and teenagers in light of 11 cases of the disease in recent weeks.” (and 3 deaths)

But it is allright according to Minister Harris because “the majority” of deaths from MenB are in those “under 1 year of age”
The minority are just a few statistics to him!!! People of all ages die from MenB as doctors have pointed out.

Uncivilised Ireland Driven by the Greedy Rich and their government. Erstwhile socialists Finian McGrath and John Halligan are allowing Varadkar and Harris to implement this savage policy!!!!


16. CL - January 15, 2019

In a remarkable piece in the Irish Times Fr. Murphy SJ makes the case that Ireland’s War of Independence was a Catholic war on Protestants; the British according to Fr. Murphy’s account were not involved.


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