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Easy to say… January 10, 2019

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Boris Johnson, the Tory MP and prominent Brexiteer, speaking in Dublin on Thursday said he thought the initial backstop proposal was “a convenient fiction” said that “nobody wants a hard border. Nobody will accept it.”Mr Johnson was speaking at at a business motivational conference in Dublin, as political turmoil over Brexit continues to rein in London.Mr Johnson went on to say “”Nobody will implement it. We should not abandon attempts to find a technological solution to the Border without even trying.”“Our two countries should be bold together. I know together we can organise it in the interests of business, ” he said.

More empty rhetoric. And this was the former Foreign Secretary of the UK?

When asked about his initial reaction to the backstop proposal on the Border Mr Johnson said: “I thought it was a form of words to be endured, a convenient fiction.”


1. An Sionnach Fionn - January 10, 2019

“We should not abandon attempts to find a technological solution to the Border without even trying.”

Which very much implies that a technological solution to the border issue is not guaranteed, that one may not be possible after further efforts, and what then? A hard border! Hence the need for the Backstop. As if he doesn’t know this full well.

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WorldbyStorm - January 11, 2019

I’m amazed he gets coverage after everything. It’s just mindblowing.

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GW - January 11, 2019

Hard border -> plenty of jobs and profits for the securocrat boys and girls.

What’s not to like from an Eton-educated posh boy’s point of view?

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benmadigan - January 11, 2019

what’s also not to like from a DUP point of view? With the additional benefits for them of NI diverging even more from the rest of Ireland and locking in their little fiefdom!


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