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Living for the camera… January 10, 2019

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Well, this is no surprise, the news that some of those so visible and vocal at Westminster hold far-right views – include anti-Islamic (as distinct from anti-Islamist) views. Or that they…

[have] built up … profile[s] by live-streaming confrontations to Facebook and seeking donations to finance his actions.

Still one can go too far even in this notoriously forgiving social media context:

Goddard’s page on the mass-funding website Patreon, on which he styled himself a “political activist” and sought donations, has also been suspended.

And while:

Other yellow vest activists outside the Houses of Parliament, who model their tactics on the French gilets jaunes movement, have said they do not share such views, and insist Goddard is not a leader of the group.

There’s this:

In recent weeks, members of the group outside parliament have also blocked Westminster Bridge, shouted sometimes sexist and racist abuse at TV crews, stormed into the offices of a radio station and the Labour party, and held small demonstrations in a number of cities.

Talking to an activist friend the other day he was deeply scathing of the gilets jaunes wannabes, though not the original of that species. As he put it since when did putting on a vis-vest equal actual political activity.


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