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Tourist trap January 12, 2019

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Interesting overview of the stress that ‘over-tourism’ is causing. Being in Barcelona late last year after a break of a decade visiting there it didn’t feel particularly crowded, though granted this was late in the year. Or rather Las Ramblas and the centre were more than manageable on the brief trip down to them. Actually one thing that struck me was how museums and so on seemed actually less full than I’d have expected. Some comments BTL note that some sites are curiously unvisited (though try to get to the Alhambra in Granada this year – you’ll have to book early to be sure of a spot). And there were broader points that site seeing isn’t the only reason to go abroad. One thing I’ve always liked is stopping somewhere outside the tourists spots for a week and getting a sense of life in a place – aparthotels are good for that because you wind up shopping in markets and supermarkets and going more local.

But a small anecdote – in the taxi on the way from the airport at BCN the driver was curious as to what form of accommodation had been booked. He was visibly more friendly when he discovered it wasn’t air b’n’b. I thought that was interesting, though the IT reports that:

In Barcelona a public outcry from residents at the volume of tourists in their city prompted mayor Ada Colau to raise a tourist tax on overnight stays and approve a law that is supposed to restrict visitors by limiting the number of beds available in hotels.

I hope to go back in the Summer as part of a broader trip so it will be educative to compare and contrast.


1. Alibaba - January 12, 2019

Tourists to Barcelona are invited to check if their Airbnb rentals are legal:


I’ve heard it argued that Barcelona has multiple Airbnbs unoccupied by owners, paying low wages to workers doing changeovers; owners who don’t declare income and treat tourists poorly when complaints arise.


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