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Confined political space January 29, 2019

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Speaking of the Phoenix as we were yesterday, a profile of a Social Democratic candidate in Dublin Bay South suggests that:

Soc Dem candidates like Durcan would surely have hoped to see some appreciable polling bounce in the weeks after the abortion referendum, given how focused they were on the issue. Worryingly for Durcan, the referendum campaign seems to have little impact on any party’s polling figures, suggesting that effusive campaigning on social issues might not necessarily translate into gains.

That lesson was learned the hard way by Labour, the party the SDs have sworn to replace. Wrapping itself in soft liberal social rhetoric did little to avert the disaster that has befallen Labour since 2016, having enthusiastically implemented the austerity agenda for the previous six years. Not that the SDs are pro-austerity, but there is precious little, at policy level at least, to distinguish them from labour.

I don’t know about DBS, it does seem like a stretch that they could take a seat there. And if they could who would they take it from? But I think the problems described in the above is a real one for the SDs. They’ve gained nothing from the the referendum(s). They don’t feel as if they are to the left of the Labour Party c.2007-2016. And I think that’s a problem. Labour is withering on the vine, Sinn Féin lurks there or there abouts. The further left is oddly detached. There’s the Green Party which abides as ever. So on paper, at least, this should be their time. But somehow they haven’t caught light in the polls and their figures there hovering between 0% and 2% might only see them return the current incumbents. It could be that the European and Local Elections will provide an opportunity for a platform that they can utilise successfully to pave the way towards the General Election. One has to suspect a fair few of them are thinking along those lines already.


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