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A last stronghold in Derry? January 30, 2019

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This struck me from last week, this is behind a paywall, but Allison Morris argues in the Newsletter that:

Derry remains the last stronghold of the organisation, which was blamed for helping orchestrate sectarian violence in the city during the summer months.
They have also been recruiting young men in the North West, aided in this venture by the lack of a peace dividend for places like Derry and Strabane that remain lacking in basic infrastructure and investment.

Is this accurate? And is it also reflected in other dissident groups? Any thoughts if it is accurate why elsewhere they’ve fallen into effective abeyance?


1. Joe - January 30, 2019

I’m no expert. But from reading the news over the last few years, it would appear to be fairly accurate. In Derry, the New IRA have the capability to organise riots. In Lurgan, I think it’s the CIRA who have that capability – I may be wrong in saying CIRA there, the alphabet soup seems to get stirred and mixed on an ongoing basis.
But Derry and Lurgan are the two pockets, it appears, where the dissos have enough support among young lads that enables them to actually organise a riot.
There seems to be a fair few dissos active in Belfast as well – count the punishment shootings and beatings – but there hasn’t been a riot there on the nationalist side for years, has there?

So why Derry and Lurgan? I’d say Morris is right to point to the fact that Derry and Strabane are “lacking in basic infrastructure and investment”. The other factor I’d say is local leadership. There must be some strong enough local leaders and leadership in both those areas to keep their sad act together.


WorldbyStorm - January 30, 2019

Very interesting, that makes sense


Joe - January 30, 2019

Sorry, just to clarify, I’d say the two areas are Derry/Strabane and Lurgan. There hasn’t been any riots in Strabane that I have heard of but there has been some disso attacks and attempts there.
The other thing re Derry/Strabane is they’ve a councillor elected there on top of the poll https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Donnelly_(Irish_republican).
Wiki says he’s actually a member of 32CSM, whether that’s still the case I don’t know.
Finally, I think it’s always been bad form by that lot – adding numbers into the alphabet soup. Leaves a sour taste.

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2. CL - January 30, 2019

“Many dissident republicans will not support the New IRA bomb attack in Londonderry, an academic has claimed.

Dr Marisa McGlinchey, who has spent five years researching the groups for a new book, said she was surprised at how many of her interviewees currently opposed an armed campaign….
The 34-year-old’s book – titled Unfinished Business: the Politics of ‘Dissident’ Irish Republicanism, is to be launched next month. Describing her research, Ms McGlinchey said “a few gatekeepers” helped her access what was “a really difficult-to-reach closed community”.


CL - January 30, 2019

“‘At a time of renewed Brexit-related political instability in Northern Ireland, McGlinchey has produced a timely and fascinating work. Anyone who has ever asked the question about “dissident” republicans – who are they and what do they think? – will find the answer here. McGlinchey, who started out as an expert on constitutional nationalism, has opened up a new significant area of research.’
Lord Paul Bew, Professor of Irish Politics, Queen’s University Belfast


3. An Sionnach Fionn - January 30, 2019

Morris’ claim struck me as a bit odd. The “only stronghold of the organisation” would be more accurate and I think the use of the word “last” is a little bit of wishful thinking or a dramatic flourish by Morris.

The “NIRA” has a presence in other parts of the north, and the rest of the country too, but it is concentrated in Derry and neighbouring districts.

However, given Brexit and the possibility of a no-deal crash, the “only stronghold” has the possibility of becoming the “first stronghold”.


WorldbyStorm - January 30, 2019

It did seem strange, that’s it exactly, I couldn’t work out what she meant entirely. That’s definitely a possibility ASF, what you point to at the end.


4. Dr. X - January 30, 2019

This may or may not be a relevant question, but can any influence from the “Defender” (I think that’s what they were called – the old local, peasant secret societies) tradition be detected in the current wave of dissidents?

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