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A necessary analysis January 31, 2019

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Funny old world isn’t it? Pieces by Spiked columnists on the IT get many scores of comments BTL – in fairness pointing out the illogicality of the underlying arguments of the columnists. Or Newton Emerson continues to glide away from rationality as he lambastes the Irish government for things it has not actually done and seemingly demand it do things it cannot actually do while evading placing responsibility where it actually rests – in London.

Whereas this sober, forensic and commanding analysis of the situation in relation to the Border and the backstop had by the lunchtime on the day it was published received not one.

Brexiteers are right when they say that WTO rules are not about policing borders or enforcing border controls. This is because they are based on the assumption that customs controls will be imposed by states who want to protect their consumers, businesses and citizens. The idea that a country would simply refuse to fulfil its duties with regard to customs facilitation is bizarre.
Smuggling not only means losses to public revenue; it causes harm to legitimate traders, poses risks to consumers, and funds criminal activity. If the UK or Ireland decided to turn a blind eye to the traffic of goods across their borders, they would essentially be leaving a gate swinging wide open through which illicit goods will flow and from which criminals will profit.
This is the reality of what Ireland and the UK have to face with a no-deal. A fundamental rule of global border management is that a chaotic environment creates the capacity for border problems. No matter whether this chaos comes in the form of legal, political, economic or social flux – border problems will arise. If the UK leaves with no deal, the bare facts are that Ireland can do little to stem the ripple effect of profound uncertainties.

And crucially:

Looking ahead, if we end up with a no-deal outcome, it will be the decision not of the Irish Government but of British MPs. That so many of them are apparently willing to see the UK propelled into legal and economic insecurity in just 70 days’ time surely only justifies the Irish Government’s commitment to the certainties of the protocol.


1. Lamentreat - January 31, 2019

that’s why they call that other Spiked-style shite “clickbait” I guess, shallow attention generating garbage but gets views

(didn’t want to leave this piece without a comment either..;o))

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