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Screen time February 9, 2019

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Some interesting stuff BTL on this piece in the Guardian on screen time. Been trying to limit it for the creature since Christmas – and lest people say that’s hypocritical I’ve been limiting it for myself as well over the past year or two.

But not all screen time is equal. For example, to me it seems to be one thing to interact on video chat with someone, quite another to watch YouTube, another again to be texting on WhatsApp, etc and finally to reading or creating on a device. This may betray my own prejudices but I think the first is actually quite a positive thing, the second and third less so and the fourth more positive again. What’s scarifying is seeing – through WhatsApp chats – how some people clearly don’t restrict interactions late into the evening or very early in the morning, or analyse what is actually being said. Talking to a principal in a primary school recently their take was that social media was almost the number one problem in terms of bullying behaviours experienced in their particular school. And because so much of what happens happens outside the school itself engaging with that is a real problem.

Zoe Williams in the article seems surprisingly passive, almost pessimistic, about matters and the ability to shape behaviours, but I think it is possible to impose controls and probably better because it means that one examines one owns time and ones interactions with the creature and so on.

So the halfway house is a given amount of time daily where – within reason – there’s scope to browse or chat or whatever.

But there’s an accompanying photo of some former Vloggers and I thought this was telling:

The picture Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg here kind of proves he nature of this is also that ‘traditional’ media cannot keep up with any of this.
They are not youtube ‘stars’ anymore. Both have had dead channels ( ie losing subscribers) for months/years and are pretty much finished on the platform (their fan base grew up and they are not appealing to younger kids anymore).
Gumball? very old – dead.
Fortnite? last year – dead.
You can never know what your 11 year old is going to be influenced by next because personalities, trends and memes just blow up and disappear in a heartbeat … you have to be constantly plugged into it to know what is going on.

That’s not entirely correct about Fortnite, it still has some currency out there, but no doubt it is changing. And yes, it’s a mercurial environment, the net, and the ‘heroes’ of last year do indeed see their fanbases grow up.

There’s nothing as old as a unicorn when focus has moved on to slime or K-pop, makeup or whatever.

Meanwhile, the Guardian even more recently had a piece which suggested that a key approach was to keep screens away from mealtimes and bedrooms. Sound advice in my opinion.


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