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Time for a Minster to go? February 10, 2019

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Jason O’Toole, writes about Simon Harris in the Irish Mirror and suggests he ‘do the honourable thing and quit’.

It really is quite a tale the Minister has offered to citizens, and more broadly the issue of cost over-runs is bizarre, something that as O’Toole notes, is simply accepted as ‘unavoidable’. But why? At what point does the conclusion that this is intolerable hit home?


1. CL - February 10, 2019

‘The political decision-makers have been solemnly approving major schemes based on cost estimates which bear no relationship to the bill which is ultimately presented….
Professor Flyvbjerg… has studied cost over-runs on hundreds of similar projects around the world and has enunciated what he calls the Iron Law of Megaprojects: they end up “over budget, over time, over and over again”….
Flyvbjerg is forced to conclude that the source of the problem is not its inherent difficulty, it is the deliberate deception of decision-makers by the project promoters. The people making the misleading cost estimates must be doing so consciously.”


“The projected seven-year construction started 11 years ago. The estimated price tag — pegged at $800 million in the late 90s and then at $992 million in 2003 — is now well over $3 billion.”


2. CL - February 10, 2019

” Who, most importantly, signed off on the €650m estimate presented to the Government in 2015 and on which political commitment was secured?
It is now clear that this figure will prove to be an underestimate by as much as €1bn — enough to build most of the M20 motorway from Limerick to Cork. Was this misdirection of politicians a conscious strategy by the project champions, or just a mistake? Was the Government remiss in going ahead based on a flaky cost estimate?..
The consultants PwC have been furnished by the minister with terms of reference for their report which will inhibit them in addressing these questions.”

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