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Fair Start… Negative response! February 12, 2019

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Well worth checking out this, from last Wednesday in the Dáil during Private Members’ Business [got to Wed 6 Feb 2019 and flick to about 4.55pm] and a Labour Motion on a Fair Start for Every Child. Brendan Howlin put it forward, but did he anticipate the response from others in the chamber on the opposition benches?

Excoriating is the word that comes to mind with the contribution from Dessie Ellis, Gino Kenny, Paul Murphy and Michael Healy-Rae particularly so in forensically pointing out the track record of the coalition government he himself was a member of.

…a row erupted when Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae accused Labour leader Brendan Howlin of lecturing the Government on what to do while being a “bloody hypocrite” and a “blackguard”.Mr Howlin said that in more than 30 years in the House he had never seen such remarks go unchallenged.But acting cathaoirleach Catherine Connolly said the former tánaiste had “repeatedly interrupted” and things were said “in the rough and tumble” of the Dáil.

Howlin and the denuded numbers on the Labour side looked uncomfortable in the extreme, but you’d think at this point he’d have crafted some response to the entirely legitimate criticisms. Perhaps, though, there is none. Speaking to some in the LP I’ve the sense they think the worst of the negative public responses to that government is over. I wonder.


1. oliverbohs - February 12, 2019

The Labour Party will continue their quest for social justice… after this word… on behalf the tobacco lobby, or on behalf of the hard knock lifers of Howth

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WorldbyStorm - February 12, 2019

That was telling re tobacco etc!

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2. GW - February 12, 2019

Nice to see that at least some TDs haven’t forgotten or forgiven the 30th and 31st Dálaí.

I certainly haven’t.

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WorldbyStorm - February 12, 2019

+1 It’s interesting how it’s fallen into the memory hole for a lot. But it really does deserve to be remembered!


3. lcox - February 12, 2019

Do Labour really think that everyone has forgotten their performance in power? Or are they hoping to rescue their existing seats thanks exclusively to first-time voters who were too young to notice?

Some of this has always been part of the stock-in-trade of Irish parties but the scale of the LP reversal from what they were saying before coming to power, what they did in power and what they now say is extraordinary.

And all the less credible given that all the visible faces, from Howlin to Kelly, were enthusiastic proponents of more pain just a couple of short years ago.

Admittedly there is a core electorate who will support some of these TDs no matter what they do (Kelly a key case in point) but that is hardly enough for any medium term.

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