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Union power February 12, 2019

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If the reports of a deal to avoid the nurses strikes are accurate, and the IT leads heavily with the following that this includes ‘salary rises of almost €2,500, or more than 7 per cent, this includes pay increases already due’ it certainly indicates the power of unions to push this government towards some (perhaps) limited action despite its own rhetoric.

As RTÉ notes:

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation has decided to suspend its planned three-day strike, which was due to begin tomorrow morning.

The decision by the INMO executive was taken this evening, after it received recommendation from the Labour Court a short time earlier.

Impressive to see the coherence of the nurses unions, but also impressive has been the broad public sympathy behind their cause.


1. Joe - February 12, 2019

“it certainly indicates the power of unions to push this government towards some (perhaps) limited action despite its own rhetoric.”

Yes, two unions, the INMO and the PNA, pushed. Actually, the INMO pushed and the PNA joined in. The other unions, especially the big two, SIPTU and FÓRSA, are left with a lot of egg on their faces. They were happy not to push, to accept their lot as agreed in the Public Service Stability Agreement. Now the INMO has pushed the door open for them, they have the easier job of piggybacking on the nurses’ victory.

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2. GW - February 12, 2019

That’s good news if it proves to be true – and Joe’s point about small radical unions showing the way to the all to accommodating is spot on.


3. Dr.Nightdub - February 13, 2019

Did I pick up wrong on something that was in one of the initial reports on the settlement – that the govt will meet the cost of the nurses’ pay increase by deferring reform of the current two-tier pay structure between existing and newly-qualified nurses?


4. Alibaba - February 13, 2019

Yes, it indicates the unions’ push power. It also indicates the way in which the Labour Court acts as a sub section of Varadkar’s office. Somebody lifted the phone and told a Court official to get a deal sorted, when it came to the tipping point with the unions.

Donohoe goes on record to say Labour Court recommendations are “consistent with the public sector stability agreement”. That is waffle. Yet the small print in that agreement, as agreed to by trade unions, restricts them and the big ones will probably buckle under the pressure. Let it not be so.


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