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Speaking of new ‘parties’… February 27, 2019

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How very telling to read in the Guardian about the TIG that:

No further defections are anticipated imminently, although the group hopes that the forthcoming parliamentary battles over Brexit could see other MPs coming forward.

And here’s a fault-line…

But despite Lib Dem enthusiasm, TIG MPs said they wanted Lib Dem MPs to quit their party and join them. They argued that the Lib Dem brand has been tarnished by the period when the party under Nick Clegg went into coalition government with David Cameron’s Conservatives.

But wait, didn’t Anna Soubry say she still agreed with austerity?

And then there’s this about the leadership:

Over the weekend, Umunna sought to put himself forward, saying: “I’m clear I want to play the biggest role in this group.” It appears, however, that his immediate ambition has been rebuffed, at least temporarily.


…but friends of Heidi Allen, a former Conservative, have been pressing her to put her name forward when the election process begins.


1. EWI - February 28, 2019

In unrelated news, popcorn futures have seen gains on the stock-market this week.


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - March 1, 2019

Nice one, EW.


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