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Concentrating minds on Brexit? February 28, 2019

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In between the reports of the impacts of a no-deal Brexit, some of which are truly concerning, there’s a few straws in the wind as to the likelihood of the May deal going through. Perhaps in the febrile churn of Westminster politics it is finally getting through that all the rhetoric, all the play-acting, does actually have consequences (and no worse play-acting than the TIG crew).

How to explain this from Denis Staunton in the Irish Times who notes the response to the Cooper amendment and some curious noises emanating from those adjacent to the ERG.

Senior figures in the ERG acknowledge privately that if the changes to the backstop satisfy the DUP, all but a handful of the Conservative Brexiteers will support May’s deal.

Is that enough? Or this, apparent moves by May to lure BLP MPs to vote for her deal. And he notes that on the Cooper amendment all but one of the DUP’s cohort abstained.


1. CL - February 28, 2019

May might yet muddle through, since at this point the alternative appears to be an extension, maybe a long one, of Article 50, rather than a crash-out. Rees-Mogg has made some conciliatory noises. Depends it seems on whether an addendum can be made to the WA re the backstop to give enough cover to the hardliners to vote for it.


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