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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Bikini Kill March 9, 2019

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Funny, Bikini Kill passed me by first time around. I’m not sure why, as a long-term L7 fan and with a real liking for riot grrrl they should’ve been more or less in the wheelhouse, yet it was only much later I heard them. In my defence there’s so much music in the early to mid-1990s and I was shifting sharply towards electronica and dance that my bandwidth for guitar music was fading fast.

That said I do prefer the singles to the albums. And what a brilliant move getting Joan Jett in to produce (and sing and play guitar) some of them thereby forging a lineal connection with an earlier phase of feminist music.

As to the songs, they’re kind of brilliant. Kathleen Hanna, Billy Karren, Kathi Wilcox and Gobi Vail generate a focused energy here. And there’s no better starting place than The Singles – a compilation of songs made between 1993 and 1995, with 9 tracks all wrapped up in 18 or so minutes. It’s all there, pointing to the direction(s) they would take later. Remarkably they reunited this year for a tour.

New Radio

Rebel Girl

I Like Fucking

Anti-Pleasure Dissertation


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