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After the ruling in Derry, more to come? March 14, 2019

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Am I reading this correctly?

Lord Saville’s findings created the possibility that 22 former British soldiers and two alleged Official IRA members could face charges over Bloody Sunday. Since then five of the former soldiers have died – leaving 17 former soldiers and two former Official IRA members facing possible charges.

Meanwhile ASF has noticed a very telling feature of the coverage today.


1. Michael Carley - March 14, 2019
2. CL - March 14, 2019
benmadigan - March 14, 2019

powerful statement


3. WorldbyStorm - March 14, 2019

Thanks for both those links. Essential reading on this day of all days.

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4. GW - March 15, 2019

Reading once again about those who the Paras killed – almost all were shot in the back or while trying to help.

From the families statement:

We would like to remind everyone that no prosecution, or if it comes to it, no conviction, does not mean not guilty. It does not mean that no crime was committed. It does not mean that those soldiers acted “in a dignified and appropriate way.”

It simply means that if these crimes had been investigated properly when they happened, and evidence gathered at the time, then the outcome would have been different.


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