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The history of Irish genetics March 14, 2019

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Some here might be interested in this podcast:

When humans did arrive, they were “western hunter-gatherers” of the Mesolithic. About 6,000 years ago the Neolithic, the New Stone Age, arrived in Ireland with farming. Genetics tells us these were very different populations. With the farmers mostly replacing the hunter-gatherers.

Carnac Megalith

Then 4,500 years ago the Beaker people arrived in Britain and Ireland. These people seem to be genetically very similar to modern Irish and brought a unique culture defined by beaker-shaped vessels.


Sound here: http://insitome.libsyn.com/website/irish-genetics-over-the-past-10000-years

Notes here: https://blog.insito.me/the-insight-show-notes-season-2-episode-18-the-genetics-of-the-irish-d1a921b4bb31



1. benmadigan - March 15, 2019

here’s some info about the genetics underlying legendary irish giants



2. Mick 2 - March 15, 2019

Bloody Beaker folk! What’s wrong with just cupping up the water in your hands and licking it up like a cat?

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GW - March 15, 2019

All this farming nonsense may have been a step backwards as well. Down with the Early European Farmers!

It was all an anachronistic EU plot to stop us eating healthy roots and berries.

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