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Sunday and the Week’s Media Stupid Statements March 24, 2019

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If he thinks others are doing it… it’s bad.

One of the most pernicious aspects of the Brexit shambles as far as this country is concerned is the way it has legitimised a virulent form of Brit-bashing which had almost disappeared from political discourse in the decades since the Belfast Agreement.
This could be as harmful for Ireland as in the long run as the economic consequences of Brexit.

When he does it… well that’s just fine.

Of course the stupidity and arrogance of right-wing British Conservatives and the way they first promoted Brexit and then blocked any coherent way of implementing it is as infuriating as it is astounding.

Meanwhile EH surpasses himself in the Sunday Independent today…

Back then the doyens of the Irish media did not demean unionists with tribal taunts to disguise their compliance with the con-job called the backstop.

Leo Varadkar let the DFA design the backstop to bully the Brits and unionists into a customs union, under the cover of stopping a hard border.

For an actual history of the backstop perhaps he should have read this.

Though perhaps this from EH also qualifies…

Because he’s from Sligo [RTÉ’s] Tommie Gorman covers Northern Ireland with no tribal baggage. As a result he’s trusted by both sides.


1. 6to5against - March 24, 2019

EH and SC do constantly provide meaty fodder for this weekly segment, don’t they. It constantly astonishes me just how limited Collins is in particular, for one with such a platform. His diatribes are not only repetitive but they lack insight into either political reality or human foibles. What is the point of him?
Harris is , possibly, a sadder case. Constantly chasing his own delusions of relevence down a rabbit hole of illogic.

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