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May appears to have survived the weekend… March 25, 2019

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…as leader of the Tories. But what of the week ahead?

…before a critical cabinet meeting on Monday morning, May remained in a perilous position, with no breakthrough and Downing Street only able to tell reporters that she had discussed “whether there is sufficient support” to hold a meaningful vote this week. A front-page editorial in Monday’s Sun urges May to quit, with the headline “Time’s Up, Theresa”, saying that she should announce that she will stand down as soon as her Brexit deal is approved and the UK leaves the EU.

But the problem remains (ahem), what possible difference would a ‘new’ leader make? It won’t convince the EU to relook at the May deal. Almost all roads away from May seeming to point in the direction of a crash out.

As to that Chequers ‘summit’, the following hardly instills confidence.

…senior members of the European Research Group and former ministers arrived at Chequers, where Duncan Smith appeared in an open-topped sports car – while Rees-Mogg brought along one of his sons.

None of this essentially performative stuff gets close to engaging with the realities of the problems at hand facing the UK.


1. GW - March 25, 2019

There was one of the largest demos in the UK ever for a ratification referendum last weekend. The petition to revoke article 50 is climbing towards 6 million. The 77 year old woman who initiated the petition has received at least 3 death threats.

All of these actions will, in all probability be ignored, but that doesn’t discount their validity as collective political actions (including the murderous culture of hard-core Brexiteerism.)

The problem with alternatives to May’s plan or crash-out Brexit is that the UK Parliament must a) decide on a plan b) get that formally agreed by the EU, and c), most difficult, force T. May or her deputy to implement the will of parliament.

Only custom and practice in the UK’s non-constitution compels the executive to obey the will of parliament, AFAIK. May has repeatedly ignored and disparaged parliament.

May or her successor would be driven by a double political introversion. Firstly, what matters to her is minimising the damage to the Tory party. Secondly, this happens within continuing British general political introversion, which assumes that what they decide will be accepted by the EU.

All of which doesn’t bode well for political creativity in the remaining effectively two and a bit weeks.

Those in the British Labour party leadership and MPs who genuinely want to avoid a no-deal Brexit have quite probably left it too late to move.

I hope to be surprised, because the last thing I want to see is a militarised border through the island of Ireland.


WorldbyStorm - March 25, 2019

It’s depressing to be hopeless but I don’t see any easy routes forward from here.


2. An Sionnach Fionn - March 25, 2019

Bojo for PM and RJM for Foreign Sec! If the Brits go full Brexit, marching up and down the hill ad infinitum, it might be the best thing for all of us… Or that could just be the Brexit stir crazy talking! 😀


WorldbyStorm - March 25, 2019

Now that’s a nightmare.

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