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Those European elections… March 26, 2019

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What an intriguing report in the Phoenix this week, which suggest that Clare Daly TD may be eyeing a run at the fourth seat in the Dublin Euro constituency. It argues that she and her colleague Mick Wallace have found the various efforts they have made on a range of issues has ‘taken their toll and a certain ennui or war weariness with the Dáil and domestic politics has set in with both TDs’. It notes their recent trips abroad with other TDs to Venezuela (and Syria too if I recall correctly) and Daly’s oft-expressed interest in matters international.

The Phoenix puts forward a thesis that in the absence of a strong GP presence or Independent presence there is an expanse of political space to be occupied. And the magazine predicts that the first three seats will go to Fine Gael’s Fitzgerald, Andrews of Fianna Fáil and Lynn Boylan of Sinn Féin.

And it continues by noting that Mick Wallace may well run in the South constituency too – particularly given that in the five seater SF’s Liadh Ní Riada may be damaged by her unsuccessful and remarkably unsupported run at the Presidency. Still it seems less sanguine about his chances.

I don’t know. It all sounds plausible and yet, this close in to the election, with FF’s Andrews adverts already up on buses this week one has to wonder if it is a little late in the campaign to announce. Moreover all well and good if the seat is won, but what if it is not?

That said there have been rumours in recent times that Daly and Wallace might not run again for the Dáil and this feels somewhat of a piece with them.

What do people think of her chances should she (or he) decide to go for it? And what by the way of the constituencies they would leave behind? Is there sufficient machine in situ to enable a successor TD to be elected?

In retrospect looking at how Maureen O’Sullivan was elected now three times since the death of Tony Gregory and comparing and contrasting with other seats held by left Independents which tended to vanish with the departure of the incumbent that is quite an achievement by that group and not one easily replicated. But that’s the scale of the challenge facing the other contemporary generation of left Independents.


1. Joe - March 26, 2019

Phoenix is always good for gossip. And sometimes no smoke without fire.
Would be a bit of a blow to Eilis Ryan of WP if Daly decided to stand – seeing as Daly attended Ryan’s campaign launch and endorsed her candidacy!
First question for Clare the candidate: Who are you voting for – yourself or Eilis Ryan?


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - March 26, 2019

Clare could reply honestly (and dialectically), ‘Circumstances alter cases’.


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