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Incoherent April 16, 2019

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Peter Casey has offered his thoughts on the EU and Brexit. One kind of wishes he hadn’t.

At his campaign launch on Thursday Mr Casey said remaining in the EU would be in Ireland’s best interests but “it would not be the end of the world” if we were to enter into a future arrangement with the European Free Trade Association.
“I think we will remain within the EU,” Mr Casey stated. “It would be in the best interests of Ireland to do so. But if Britain were to leave we would have the opportunity to decide … We just need to ensure we get the same deal as Britain does.”

Er, the UK has ruled out any association with EFTA (at least to this point). As to us ‘getting the same deal as Britain does’. Huh? What does any of the above mean?


1. GW - April 16, 2019

My impression is that xenophobic racist right framed politics (I’d include Casey in that) have backed off in the rest of Europe from exiting the EU because of

a) of the Brexit farce and

b) because they hope to get plenty of their people paying jobs in the EU parliament.

Like a the identitarians and Nazis working as staff for the AfD representatives in the German parliament.

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