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Fake five star reviews… April 20, 2019

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Anyone who has used any online shopping vendor will know this experience, reading online reviews and thinking they’re fake. Amazon, a site I avoid if at all possible, apparently has one of the worst problems with this – but I can’t help wondering if that’s because it is being non-too-subtly trolled. I had the experience recently of looking for an iPod Touch cover and checked out some brands on Amazon just to see what was available (I wonder do a lot of people use it as a sort of reference rather than a sales platform?). I was pretty sure having read through a fair few reviews that they were deliberately fake. Some were good at being fake too.

Many items also boasted a high number of five-star ratings posted in a short space of time – another indicator suggesting inauthentic reviews.
With headphones, all the products on the first page of results sorted by average customer review were from little-known brands and 87% of more than 12,000 reviews for these products were by unverified purchasers.
Seventy-one per cent of the headphones had perfect five-star ratings, while some included reviews for unrelated products such as soap dispensers. One set of headphones made by the brand Celebrat had 439 reviews. All were five-star, all unverified, and all arrived on the same day.

But there’s a deeper issue beyond Amazon. How does one protect against this? Accredited or verified reviews are one line of defence, but they surely would be open to some manipulation too, soft perhaps, but potentially manipulated nonetheless.

What it does point up is the retreat of products from actual shops. I went looking for a cover in Dublin and found none to be purchased. Eventually I found one online for about a tenner, which is expensive enough for what one gets. But that’s an experience that seems to happen more and more – that actual physical outlets have very restricted stocks.


1. yourcousin - April 20, 2019


Not perfect, but not bad.


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