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SP Euro Election Poster April 20, 2019

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Uncategorized.

First off I would have thought she has a Solidarity candidate rather than SP.
What looks like a half Maser Repeal Heart , Repeal on the jumper…….
Looks very much like “Identity Politics” too.



1. commplc - April 20, 2019

Don’t think you will find any feminists who identify with identity politics catagorising themselves as ‘socialist feminist’


EWI - April 20, 2019

Don’t think you will find any feminists who identify with identity politics catagorising themselves as ‘socialist feminist’

Apart from one or two exceptions, I think you’re right.


2. Dermot M O Connor - April 20, 2019


A marxist feminist on the different forms of feminism:

* Radical
* Liberal
* Socialist
* Marxist

Might be of interest.

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3. John Goodwillie - April 20, 2019

Bizarre. She seems to be presenting herself as joint candidate of the SP, ROSA, People Before Profit and Solidarity. I wonder will Gillian Brien display a Solidarity logo. And since “Solidarity-People Before Profit” is the only one that can appear on the ballot-paper, a bit self-defeating.


Joe - April 21, 2019

Yep. Solidarity and PbP are tying themselves in knots with their non-alliance alliance.


4. gypsybhoy69 - April 28, 2019

Excuse my ignorance but what’s the item that’s ripped in the poster?

I remember once during a referendum wearing a sticker that said Vote No for Women’s rights and a girlfriend who had absolutely no interest in politics pointing out how stupid that was so I have previous on being a bit slow.


WorldbyStorm - April 28, 2019

It’s a Repeal heart isn’t it? odd in a way to use as an image given the referendum was won.


Joe - April 28, 2019

I had the same question. But I think it was IEL’s facebook page that answered it. The poster is a drawing of a photo taken during the Repeal campaign. The heart had the slogan Repeal (I think) across the middle of it. It was by an artist called Maser (?). Someone (the City Council?) painted over the slogan.

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gypsybhoy69 - April 28, 2019

Cheers Joe. Hard to see what that has to do with the Euros but sure I’m middle aged now and obviously not down with the cool kids. Although I do like Maser especially his Ballymun stuff!


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