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Indifferent futility April 21, 2019

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As an example of the indifferent futility of how adherence to armed struggle near enough entirely for and of itself detaches from its broader context there’s few more pointed instances than the murder of Lyra McKee. The limits of paramilitarism are shown up yet again, though one would have thought that the history of the last number of decades would serve to demonstrate that those limits are very real. And in her murder the need for publicity and attention of various is in sharp contradiction with those actual acts. The history of the conflict on this island in armed form was one which had a clear if multi-stranded genesis and course. That history is also one where ultimately near enough all involved sought to end that form of conflict. Attempting to restart that form in the absence of so many other strands and as if that process to end it had never taken place seems to exhibit a very particular cynicism.

Jason O’Toole writes about this here in the Irish Mirror this weekend.


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