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Presenting the dispensation in the north as other than it is… April 25, 2019

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Slugger quoted not that far back one M. Martin’s speech from the FF Ard Fheis. It has stuck with me since.

As Martin said on Sunday:
When you have scandals in government you deal with the scandal. You have your inquiry and it falls where it falls. You don’t collapse the entire edifice of government and parliament – name a parliament in Europe that got collapsed because of a scandal in a particular government department?

Is that a useful comparison though? Surely a more pertinent comparison would be, and of all people Martin should know this, a minor party withdrawing from a government over a scandal. That’s been the pattern, almost the modus operandi, of numerous parties in the past. From Labour withdrawing from the FF/LP coalition in the early 1990s, to the PDs and the GP.

The distinction is, and surely Martin would allow that it is entirely reasonable for a party to choose not to be in government if it so wished, that in the Executive the nature of the dispensation arrived at – and agreed by FF itself as it happens, means that if a party withdraws the government and parliament do in effect collapse.

That may be a glitch or a feature or both, but that’s the way it is. And I think it a bit disingenuous of Martin to try to present it as something other than it is.


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